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Find Tips to Make Your Sprinkler More Efficient

lawn sprinklerDo you know that watering lawns and gardens can account for up to 50 percent of total water use by an average household? With a poorly maintained or outdated sprinkler design, you end up wasting gallons of water that will add to your expenses on utility bills. So, it is very important to repair, upgrade, and maintain your sprinkler in the best way possible to get the maximum benefits. You can easily check your sprinkler and sort out minor issues, which will make your device more efficient. If you are looking for a Highlands Ranch Sprinkler Repair service then you can rely on the expert technicians of

Let’s find out as how to upgrade and maintain your sprinkler to getthe desired results:

  • Check the timer which is an important part of your sprinkler. If it does not function properly, then check the wiring and/or the battery to get the desired power back-up.
  • Set the correct watering time according to the type of sprinkler. Whether it is a rotor type sprinkler or spray type, you must ensure that all parts work properly and provide you the desired results.
  • Check for any missing heads or nozzles and replace them. If you find clogged heads, then you must clean them out.
  • Adjust each head for proper overlapping coverage and to avoid wasting water spraying driveways and sidewalks.
  • Use spray heads for lawn and drip leads or lines for shrubs and flower beds.

Get technical help from a pro for resolving more serious problems

Broken underground sprinkler pipe needs to be repaired by an expert. Any leakage in the valve of a spray or rotor sprinkler needs to be repaired by a professional. A large leakage in the body of sprinkler may require replacement of the old sprinkler with the new one.

If any part of the irrigation system is not functioning properly, then it might indicate electric failure. Such kind of technical glitches can only be fixed by an expert who has the expertise and tools to resolve the problem.

Upgrade your sprinkler to make it highly efficient

Make your irrigation system smarter by upgrading your sprinklers to make them more water saving and efficient. You can simply follow these steps to make your device efficient:

  • You can replace old nozzles of your sprinkler heads with water-saving nozzles. This is the most affordable way to upgrade your sprinkler and save water.
  • You can equip your sprinkler with Smart Controller that uses advanced technology to gather and use weather data and information related to your yard, water schedule and others. What makes this smart is that they can adjust the watering process according to the season and yard conditions. This will save water and will enable you water your lawn in a seamless way.

Make it a point to upgrade your sprinkler through an expert Highlands Ranch Sprinkler Repair service from our technicians. Feel free to call us at 720-851-7550 or fill the Quote Request form on

Spring on, Weeds on: Useful Tips to Eliminating Weeds from Your Lawn Effectively

weedHow does it feel to see your well maintained, green lawn suddenly hijacked by blooming dandelions? Spring is the nicest of seasons perhaps, but it brings some pesky landscaping problems with weeds probably the most irritating one. If left untreated they can take over the lawn or garden,which will reduce its appeal and value. No wonder, weeding is an important part of comprehensive lawn and garden care.  Here are some useful Parker lawn care tips on weeding:

Get the best kind of fertilizer for your lawn or garden

Maintaining a healthy lawn and garden is possible only when proper fertilizer is used at suitable times. Researchers at Colorado State University have found that weeds can even flourishin an unfertilized lawn orgarden. Proper fertilization is important as a healthy lawn actually is capable of fighting off weeds.Use a professional golf course type of fertilizer like a 65% slow release granular fertilizer that feeds your lawn slowly over 6 to 8 weeks.

Apply herbicide on healthy weeds rather than dried weeds

Weeds,when dried, lose its uptake of weed killing product. Drying out does not help as weeds can survive drought conditions. Therefore, it is easier to check the spread of healthy weeds through powerful herbicide than controlling the dried weeds.

Know your weed before you pull it

It is very important to know the class and type of weed before uprooting them manually from your garden. Some weeds can be easily uprooted and this negates their chance of re-growth. However, some weeds with their roots reachingtoo deep in the soil require extensive labor or a professional to be uprooted. Besides, uprooting these weeds may activate the regenerative root system that will trigger more growth.

Know your herbicide properly before applying

Having a proper understanding of the ingredients of herbicide as well as its limitations will help you select the most suitable weed killing product and make the most of it. herbicide come in two different forms: Selective products and Non-selective products.

  • Selective herbicides are those that effectively check the growth of weeds without damaging the nearby plants. These products are ideally used in lawns, gardens, and crops.
  • Non-selective herbicides destroy any and every plant they come in contact with. They prevent the growth of grass, dandelions and other weeds or thistles in the area. They are best suitable for areas near fence rows, drains and irrigation ditches, pavements or sidewalk crack, etc.

Hence it is a good idea to use a proper Selective herbicide,rather than using a general one,to eliminate weeds from your lawn.

Follow the label and guidelines for use to get the best result

It is very important to find out the key ingredients and follow the label and guidelines to get the best results from the use of weedicide. One must use the recommended amount of the product in case one requires preparing the solution mixing herbicide in water.

When it comes to using the herbicide, one must remember not to use it against other crops for which the product may be harmful. Besides this, one must also check the spread of dandelions seeds through the breeze.

A goodoffense is the best defense

It is commonly said that in a war an attack on the enemy is the best defense. If you want a healthylawn then you must be proactive to select and use the proper herbicide for early and effective treatment of weeds. You must properly maintain and water the lawn that will act as the best defense against turf weeds.

For dandelions it is important to nip them in the bud and remove or treating them before they develop.

If you require professional weeding or Lone Tree Lawn Care service then you can rely on a pro landscaping expert of

Economic & Environmental Benefits of Professional Landscaping Service

Thereland is no denying that the beautiful outdoor or landscape of any residential or commercial property adds to the appeal of the property as well as its resale value. Lawns and gardens enhance the comfort level of the residents and enable people to make the most of it. They need proper and periodic care and maintenance, which, although a strenuous and time consuming task,is worth every penny, considering the value and importance of your investment in your property.

If you are considering hiring a professional landscaping and garden service, these facts might persuade you to get one –

Nice landscape increases the resale value of the property

Buyers look for properties with beautiful outdoors. Homes with poor landscapes sell 8-10% below equivalent homes with good landscapes. Professional landscaping can not only add as much as 15% to the resale value of a building but also speed up the sale by as many as 6 weeks.

Provides maximum environmental ROI adding value to living standards

Proper maintenance of your lawn or garden provides you immense value. The investment of time and money to keep the landscape healthy simply manifolds the returns in terms of keeping your environment healthy and hygienic. But how? Let’s see:

  • A single mature tree can absorb 48 lbs of Carbon Dioxide ayear, nearly equivalent to the amount of emissions from a car driven for11,000 miles. Thus, trees in your lawn act as the best pollution filters that will purify air.
  • Lawns provide the best cooling effect that keeps the temperature of your home exteriors low and comfortable. The front lawns of just eight houses provide the cooling effect of 70 tons of air conditioning that is enough to cool 20-25 homes.

Reduces your utility bills and helps you to save money

Using professional landscaping and garden service and planting selected trees can cut energy costs as much as 25%.Planting shrubs and perennials in your lawn or garden lowers the temperature and keep your home indoors cool thereby reducing energy needs.

Grow edibles and get extra benefits

  • Garden activities such as planting, watering or weeding for 45 minutesburns off as many calories as 30 minutes of aerobics.
  • You can burn 300 calories in one hour of weeding.
  • Besides the above, you are more likely to get 7 to 10 times of your initial investment in returns in form of your produce. The edibles that you will grow in your garden will save that much money you may incur buying the same stuff from the market. You can’t even get such an attractive rate of return in your savings account.
  • You will get a sustainable and healthy supply of fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden. This will giveyou priceless health benefits.

It can be safely said that your lawn and garden and its effective care and maintenance will bring you immense value and maximum returns on investment. You will save your hard earned money, and will get fresh and pure air together with healthy homegrown produce. Feel free to visit us online at for more information and services.

Let Your Lawn Look Fresh and Lush Green with Comprehensive Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care

A well maintained lawn or garden compliments the beauty and aesthetic elegance of your home. A beautiful lawn not only adds to the charm and appeal of your home but also adds to your comfort level. Besides this, it makes the best first impression on visitors and enhances your personal or social image. Taking care of your lawn or garden is a time consuming task, and if you are a busy professional you may not have enough time.

If this describes you, provides customized and comprehensive Lawn Care and Garden Maintenance Services in Arapahoe or Douglas county to make your lawn look its best.

Whether you are in Aurora, Parker, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, or Lone Tree, you can easily get complete lawn care services from the dedicated team of

Spring is the best time when the grasses of lawn or garden strengthen and expand their roots. Scientists at the Colorado State University have found out that over-watering of lawn in the spring just makes the roots shallow that dries sooner and develops brown spots. The shallow roots just curtail the growth of the grass, make them stressed and beg for more water.  

If the uppermost layer of the soil is let dry, then the roots of grass get deeper and that helps in the development of healthy and lush green grass, making it highly appealing and impressive. Like good parenting is behind a disciplined and well-mannered person, proper care and maintenance is behind a beautiful and lively lawn.

Tips to promote growth of lawn grass in spring

  • You need not water your lawn in case there is a good spring rain every 7 to 10 days.
  • Increasewatering to about every 5 to 7 dayswhen the days get warmer and windy.
  • You must test the soil moisture before watering. To do that,use a stick not thicker than your pinky finger and push it against the soil. If it is hard to push, that indicates it’s time to water.

Be careful:South-facing slopes need special care and maintenance as the lack of sunshine can chill and kill the grass. Hence, the grass needs frequent watering.

Best way to watering lawn grass

  • Watering an area of the lawn all at once for about 15 minutes will lead to run-off and wastage of water that may not be useful for your lawn.
  • You can plan to break the time slot of 15 minutes in three parts of 5 minutes each and water the grass of your lawn with intermittent breaks after every 5 minutes. This will provide ample time for water to soak in to the soil and let the grass get complete nourishment.

With the timer on your sprinkler system you can set the schedule easily.

If you are looking for a hassle-free, professional lawn and garden maintenance service, then just give a call on 720-851-7550 or submit a Quote Request on

Complete Lawn & Garden Maintenance Services

How about an alfresco barbeque dinner in the back garden or a cup of cappuccino along with your favorite book in the front lawn? At, we strive to make your outdoor living spaces as appealing and impressive as the indoors. When it comes to lawn care and mowing, we understand you better than the rest. Offering everything right from landscape maintenance, sprinkler repair and holiday lightning to snow removal, we help you make your lawn garden the best part of your house.

This infographic created by will give you an insight into everything that we do to give your outdoors the much-deserved attention. Have a look at the infographic to find out why our lawn and garden service is everything that you need this season.


Winter Watering Tips

A great looking lawn and garden requires the right amount of water. We,, help you jazz up your outdoors by ensuring that your lawn and garden gets ample water supply, and no water is wasted in the process. We offer sprinkler repair and modification at affordable prices, and ensure proper watering in the winter as well as the spring, summer, and fall.

This infographic created by will educate you on how to water your garden during the winter months. Learn more about what in your garden needs to be watered, the best time to water your lawn and the best way to do this.


What Do You Guys Do In The Winter?

farmSince the lawn & garden maintenance is seasonal business in Douglas and Arapahoe counties, we get that question all the time.  Many people assume that lawn care companies shut down after Thanksgiving.  That is the case for many companies, and used to be the case for

What changed is clients asking us to also install Christmas lights, do snow removal, and winter chores for them such as winter watering, pruning ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees damaged by  heavy  snow falls, and winter cleanup of wet leaves so the grass could get oxygen in the winter.  Bottom Line:  many clients wanted full service, year round, one stop shopping for all their landscape maintenance needs.

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Will Your Yard Die of Thirst This Winter ?

Next spring will you experience the disappointment of lawn winter kill and dead plants and trees?

plantMany homeowners think snow provides the enough water.  Unfortunately, the average snowfall is 12 to 15 inches equaling 1 inch of moisture. This not enough for lawns, plants and trees. Low humidity and low water damage plant root systems or worse kill plants through dehydration.

Many times the results do not show up until late spring or early summer.  Plants with damaged root systems resume growth in spring and seem to be healthy but later weaken or die because the new growth is greater than can be sustained by the weakened root system.

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7 Winter Care Tips for Your Lawn, Plants and Trees

Has your yard been properly prepared for winter?Snow Covered Tree

Winter officially began December 21st, however it arrived ahead of schedule with the early snows and cold temperatures before many winter lawn care chores were completed.

Here is a checklist of 7 winter care tips that will help your yard survive the cold winter temperatures and come back healthy next spring.

    1. Clean your lawn of leaves. Soggy matted leaves keep oxygen from getting to the turf.
    2. Remove vegetable plant and vines. Insects leave eggs on these plants and will hatch in the spring.

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Are Holiday Colors & Greenery Pet Safe?

It’s common place to decorate your home with greenery highlighted with bows and lights during the holidays.

Artificial PlantsThe use of greenery and décor depends on your budget and the how dense and how much greenery you want your rooms to have. However, when using greenery, whether original or artificial, you need to think over the safety concerns of your pets in your mind.

But, at first, decide if you want artificial or natural plants?

There are added benefits of going with artificial plants. They are less likely to get into fire hazards, they create less mess on your floors, and they can be available in your desired colors and styles. They do not require sunlight and watering. You can get these at a nearby store, all you have to do is to plug them in. And whoa! They create the magic right away.
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6 Secrets to a Lush, Green Lawn!