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Plan Now to Bring in Pollinators

Planting diverse flowering plants— be they annual, perennial, herbs, shrubs and trees at the right time is important to attract pollinators and maintain a suitable habitat for them. This not only helps people make their lawns or veggie gardens rich and refreshing but also provide a plethora of benefits and make gardens an eye candy for all.

Plan now to bring in pollinators

Pay Attention to What You Buy and Apply

This blog highlights the importance of selecting, purchasing and applying the right products in the right way in gardening or landscaping that provides the best result. Be it using the spray, fertilizers or other chemicals, it is important to apply the same in the correct way following all the precautions that will ensure proper nutrition to lawn and garden products.

Pay attention to what you buy  and apply

Here’s your excuse to be one!

Mowing lawns less frequently, once in two or three weeks and watering deeply in the morning and less frequently with a sprinkler system can be quite effective and economical and help people maintain a healthy lawn. Understanding and applying some smart ways of good lawn care would provide people with a host of benefits.

Here's your excuse to be one!

How to Garden on Betwixt and Between Days

Gardening and maintaining your lawn in spring can be quite difficult as it has a mix of warm days and cool or snowy days in Colorado. This blog brings out some important tips for people to do during the early spring days that will help them save time and maintain their lawns or gardens beautifully even in inclement weather conditions.

How to garden on betwixt and between days

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Take Care of Thirsty Plants

Watering plants periodically during winter and spring is essential to save them from root loss, wilted leaves and other effects of winter drought stress. This blog highlights the importance of watering plants and provides an important guideline for readers as to hire a gardener or a landscape pro to do the watering and take care of plants if they find it difficult to do so.

Take care of thirsty plants

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Refresh With Indoor Plants

Maintaining high quality of indoor air is essential to ensure that all the residents or employees get pure and healthy air and the best ambience for living and working. Potting indoor plants will not only enhance the aesthetics but will also clean the air acting as pollution filters.

This blog will guide you about some of the important factors to consider when selecting indoor plants and help you select among some top-rated pollution absorbing plants.Refresh with indoor plants

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They’re 2018 Plants Of The Year


Photo courtesy National Garden Bureau

Just as 2018 is the year of the dog in the Chinese calendar, 2018 also has a designated bulb, perennial, annual and edible. These “2018 Year of” plants present growing opportunities for Colorado gardeners.

All the 2018 designees by the National Garden Bureau are quite growable in Colorado gardens – even if your garden plot is as small as a container on your patio.

2018: Year of the Tulip

Tulips are members of the lily family and have been cultivated for 400 years. Though their native home spans southern Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, North Africa and Asia, they do find a good home in Colorado because it offers the cool temperatures the bulbs need during for their winter dormancy.

Say it with tulips. Plant or give purple tulips to show loyalty, red to show love and white to say, “I’m sorry.”

2018: Year of the Calibrachoa

Though saying it may be more difficult to roll of your tongue than its big brother petunia, calibrachoa offers a broader range of annual color. It is often called a “mini petunia,” but it is not the same.

Calibrachoa is best suited to container gardens where it can spill over the edges like its Brazilian ancestors spilled over the edges of mountain cliffs. It is somewhat drought tolerant and prefers well-drained soils.

2018: Year of the Coreopsis

In the language of flowers, coreopsis means “always cheerful” which is exactly what its bright color brings to a perennial garden. Usually seen in yellow and gold, many species contain red, bronze and burgundy. It blooms throughout the spring and summer and finds a good home in Colorado’s growing conditions.

Coreopsis is an American native with at least 80 known species.

2018: Year of the Beet

The common beet is growing in popularity as a super food. Beets are high in fiber, vitamins A and C and have more iron than most vegetables. They are also rich in antioxidants and minerals. More recently, baby beet leaves have become popular as a salad ingredient.

For vegetable gardeners, beets make a great and healthy addition to the mix of edibles. Plant them as seeds during the cooler shoulders of the growing season as they don’t thrive during the heat of summer.


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Personalize a Plant Your Valentine Will Love

Roses traditionally say, “I love you.” But a bunch i n a bouquet lasts only so long. Here are some other plant options to extend your very special message for your very special person.plant

#1 – Extend the blooms with a rose plant

Your valentine can keep it indoors for now and move it outside when the weather warms. With proper care, roses will continue to bloom indoors.

#2 – Personalize a plant gift for your sweetie

Indoor plants are always a good idea because they help clean the air of toxins. Better still, if they bloom, you get a pretty bonus.

Beyond those benefits, think about your valentine’s lifestyle and where a plant might grow. There are plants for people who suffer with sleepless nights, who are away from home much of their time, who have little to no sunlight to offer a plant or for people who are forgetful gardeners. Here are some ideas to help you match the plant to your person.

Bloomers for the sweetheart who loves flowers

  • Cyclamen is a popular indoor flowering plant in the winter. It is available in many colors ranging from white, pale pink and hot pink to red. It needs some sunlight and regular watering. It also helps clean the air. Pick one large plant or group several small ones in a basket.
  • Gloxinia will bloom anywhere it receives bright, indirect light away from full sun. Blooms are large, trumpetlike flowers in a variety of colors. It requires water when the soil feels dry to the touch and fertilizer once per month while flowers are in bloom.

Durable plants that aren’t finicky

  • Cast iron plant like its name implies is a hardy plant. It grows 2-3 ft. tall and has narrow, dark green leaves. It will live in dark rooms with infrequent watering. It spreads slowly so it rarely needs re-potting. If your sweetie has little sunlight, here’s your plant.
  • Red Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is a show-stopper with its red-pink-and-green leaves. It tolerates dry soil, making it very suitable for forgetful gardeners.
  • ZZ Plant is a great match for frequent travelers because it tolerates dark corners and dry conditions. It won’t need water until the top inch of soil dries. It will also live under fluorescent lights, so think of it as a suitable gift if your sweetie spends a lot of time at the office.

For the restless sleeper

Lavender has a lot going for it. Here’s a perennial that grows well and blooms indoors in a sunny window. It is well-known for its fragrance and as a de-stressor. Just brushing a hand across its fragrant leaves can help your sweetie relax and even sleep better.

This year, say “I love you” with a plant.

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!


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