Mowing & Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing Services

We pay attention to the details so your lawn looks great! Each visit includes mowing, trimming, edging and blowing of surfaces to remove debris, and closing your gates.

Your lawn looks great because we:

  • Use 21″ mowers, reducing soil compaction and damage to landscape features caused by big equipment.
  • Sharpen our blades daily for better and crisper cuts.
  • Change our mowing directions weekly to avoid ruts.
  • Mulch clippings to return micronutrients to your lawn, and be more environmentally friendly.
  • Have a 21 point quality control checklist.

Weed Man Nature’s Touch® Lawn Care Services

BestYard’s Lawn Care Division is the locally owned Weed Man USA franchise in Arapahoe and Douglas counties. Weed Man is America’s largest lawn care franchise named twice as “#1 in Lawn Care” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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Our Lawns

We use a higher quality fertilizer than our competitors use or the DIY stores offer, resulting in a healthier lawn as seen above… you can see the difference! We use an enhanced efficiency 65% slow release granular, phosphorus free, fertilizer blended exclusively for Weed Man Lawn Care franchisees by John Deere Landscapes, now called SiteOne Landscape Supply.

Why is it important to you?

There are three advantages to 65% slow-release nitrogen:

  1. The nitrogen is made available to the plant as the plant needs it, over an 8-week period. With a fast release granular, or worse a liquid fertilizer, it’s either feast or famine for your grass
  2. Since the fertilizer is used gradually, very little is wasted.
  3. It is safer for your lawn, you pets, your kids, and you.

Buyer Beware!

Some competitors and DIY stores advertise slow release fertilizer, but when you check the fine print on their disclosure labels, it is usually 5% or less slow release fertilizer. Some of our competitors only apply one slow release application, and use fast release liquid fertilizers for the remaining applications, because it is cheaper. Whether liquid or granular, fast release fertilizers release the nitrogen into your lawn in 7 to 10 days. Although this causes the grass to turn green quickly, this fast growth causes stress on the grass plant making to susceptible to weeds, insects, and disease.

It is really important to understand that fertilizer is the “food” for your lawn.
Fertilizer quality and price vary from “Junk Food” to “Good Food”, just like human food.


Lawns require “GOOD” fertilizer to maintain health and vigor.
A well-fertilized lawn will be better at preventing weed infestation as well as drought and disease.
Lawns that are thick and healthy can help the environment by producing oxygen, filtering and enhancing ground water quality, cooling the air during hot weather, trapping and absorbing urban dust and pollution.

Environmentally Responsible

Weed Man fully participates in industry, federal, and Colorado Environmental Stewardship Programs. We only used products fully approved by the EPA. These products are applied only by lawn care technicians who are fully trained and are certified and licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Our technicians are fully trained in environmentally friendly lawn and garden practices. These products, certifications, and training are the basis for our environmentally responsible Nature’s Touch® Lawn Care Programs.

Nature’s Touch® Lawn Care Programs

Get started with a discounted Lawn Care Programs to keep your lawn healthy all year!

Basic Care

Deluxe Care

Worry Free Care

For further assistance, or to customize a plan.

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Our Lawn Care Consultants will
Amaze You!

In addition to basic fertilization and weed control to keep your lawn green and weed free, you get a targeted insect control.

Our Most Popular Plan includes fertilization and weed control, season long insect control, and a spring or fall aeration.

For the healthiest and a worry free lawn possible, this plan adds spring and fall aerations, crab grass control, and spring over seeding.

Starting at
$234 per year

Starting at
$315 per year

Starting at
$464 per year

Season Savings
of $60

Season Savings
of $90

Season Savings
of $152

Free Lawn Analysis & Recommendation
Applied by Colorado Certified Technicians
Four 65% Slow Release Granular Fertilizer Treatments
Two Broad Leaf Weed Control Treatments
Unlimited Targeted Weed Touch Ups
Spring Preventative Surface Insect Control




Free Written Mid-Summer Inspection
24 Hour On Line Service Access
Free 48 Hour Service Call Guarantee
Guaranteed Results
Season Long Surface Insect Control  

Half Price

Half Price

Spring or Fall Aeration    
Both Spring and Fall Aerations    
Spring Over Seeding    
Pre & Post Emergent Crab Grass Control    

Half Priced

Season Savings

Additional Supplemental Services

  • Insect Control for Mites, Chinch Bugs, Grubs, and other insects
  • Disease Control for Necrotic Ring Spot and other fungus infections
  • Weed Control for beds, borders, and rocks Treatments
  • Spring and Fall Aerations
  • Organic Soil Enhancement
  • Natural Area Mowing

Call us about all of the options that are available to improve the health of your Lawn and Landscape.

We Serve Douglas and Arapahoe counties including:

  • Aurora
  • Parker
  • Castle Rock
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Lone Tree
  • Castle Pines