Fall is a beautiful time when leaves turn yellow and trees transform in vibrant color taking your breath away. But soon the leaves make their way to the ground. Fall cleanup of your yard/garden is very important to give your lawn a healthy start for the next spring. The most efficient way to start fall cleanup is by pruning trees, trimming hedges and ornamental grasses, dividing plants, and cleaning gutters. A winter fertilizer improves soil conditions, prepares your lawn for our harsh winters, and yield maximum results next spring.

The lawn should be mowed to prevent fungal problems and snow damage. Deadwood or cross branches should be pruned to eliminate the chance of pest issues. Removing all leaves, branches, twigs, and debris from lawn and planting beds. In addition, perennial flowers should be “dead-headed” to promote growth in the spring season. Proper fall cleanup will make your yard look beautiful and healthy.

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