Efficient-Sprinklers2Minor Adjustments Can Make Major Improvements!

Perhaps you have noticed that your sprinkler just doesn’t seem to be working as effectively as it did when you installed it. Or, you are concerned about high water bills this coming season.

The following is a quick list of the 6 most common problems BestYard.com sees when inspecting sprinkler systems and simple ways we can help you solve them:

  • Heads Too Low – If you installed your system the same time you planted your lawn, it will only take a few years for the turf to mature to a point that the sprinkler heads won’t be able to reach above the mow height.  This keeps the sprinklers from reaching the distances they need to cover the turf evenly.  Bringing the heads up to grade and cutting the turf back from around the heads are simple but effective ways to solve this issue.
  • Heads Under Shrubs or Flowers – When you originally installed the system, chances are the flowers and shrubs were smaller.  Keeping an eye on flower and shrub growth and cutting back overgrowth will keep the heads from being obstructed.  Alternatively, if cutting back shrub growth sacrifices your garden design, the heads can easily be moved away from the problem areas and back to the turf.  In some cases you may just need to raise the head to reach above the current plantings.
  • Crooked Heads – The freezing and thawing cycle of our winters wreaks havoc on sprinkler head positioning. The smaller spray heads are particular susceptible to becoming crooked due to the winter ground heave. Nothing will improve the effectiveness of your sprinkler more quickly than straightening the heads and keeping them perpendicular to the ground.
  • Minor Malfunctions and Tuning – Clogged or damaged heads, broken lines and valves, and controllers not re-set for hot summer conditions can cause brown spots in your lawn.  Repairing these will get your lawn the proper water coverage for hot summer conditions.
  • New Intelligent Controllers– New clock controllers are WiFI enabled with the ability to react to real-time weather data specific to one’s own geographic location to adapt its watering schedule. This reduces over watering when you had recent rain and increases watering just enough in times of drought.
  • New Technology Nozzles, Drip Lines, and Flow Meters.  New technology nozzles reduce “misting” that result in water evaporation before it reaches your lawn. New Drip Lines deliver water most efficiently to trees, shrubs, and plants than older spray head technology. Flow meters alert you to a broken line or head so repair can be made immediately vs. days or weeks later.

A properly tuned and maintained system using new intelligent controller, more water efficient nozzles and drip lines, and flow meters can cut your watering bill up to 40% over older, traditional systems.

If your lawn has any of these issues, our certified irrigation experts can fix them and prepare your lawn for our hot summer conditions.

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