Grass Brown

We are seeing the worst infestation of active mites and chinch bugs in 27 years.

About every fifth client is calling in complaining about huge brown spots in their yard.

It’s due to the extremely dry winter and lack of heavy moisture this spring.

Signs of Potential Mite or Chinch Bug Damage

  • Dry patches that do not improve with lawn watering
  • Damage on sunny hillsides
  • Scurrying insects among grass blades


A quick way to determine if brown patches are much more than winter kill is to go to where the grass is half green and half straw or brown colored and remove a clump of grass and sprinkle it on a white piece of paper. If all you see is grass, you could have a fungus. But if you see little dark specks, it might be mites or chinch bugs.

Your Lawn May Be at Risk

When mites or chinch bug eggs hatch and the young begin feeding, small patches of brown grass start to appear. If a homeowner ignores the problem or mistakes it for drought, the patches will continue to grow. Mites or chinch bugs can devastate an entire lawn in as little as three weeks if no control methods are taken.

If you see suspicious brown patches starting to appear in the lawn DON’T HESITATE.

Call us at 720-851-7550!

  • If you do have mites or chinch bugs we can protect your investment in your property by promptly treating the problem.

If your brown patches are due to lack of water we can advise you on correct watering procedures.

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