When does monica and chandler start dating

The popular TV show, Friends, is known for its lovable characters, hilarious comedy, and unforgettable storylines. One of the most endearing story arcs is the relationship between Monica Geller and Chandler Bing. Fans could not get enough of the couple and their quirky love story.

In this article, we will explore the timeline of Monica and Chandler's relationship and how it came to be.

Monica and Chandler: The Early Years

Monica and Chandler have been friends since they were in their late teens. They met through Ross, Monica's older brother, who was Chandler's college roommate. In the early seasons of Friends, their friendship is mainly a background plotline. However, there were a few signs that their relationship was more than just platonic.

In season three, episode 14, "The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner," Chandler and Monica shared a moment when he comforted her after she learned that her ex-boyfriend, Richard, was getting married. The two sat on the couch together, and Chandler ended up falling asleep with his head on her lap. This moment is one of the first hints that there may be romantic feelings between the two.

The London Trip

The turning point in Monica and Chandler's relationship came during Ross's wedding to Emily in London. In season four, episode 23, "The One with Ross's Wedding," Chandler and Monica ended up sleeping together after a night of drinking and dancing.

At first, they tried to keep their hookup a secret from the rest of the group, but eventually, they were caught in the act by Joey. The scene where Joey discovers Monica and Chandler together is one of the most iconic moments in Friends history.

The Aftermath

After their hookup, Monica and Chandler tried to keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the group. They continued to hook up sporadically, but both were hesitant to make it official.

In season five, episode one, "The One After Ross Says Rachel," Monica and Chandler decided to try dating for real. Their first attempt at a date was disastrous, with Chandler accidentally revealing that he didn't think Monica was his type. However, they eventually reconciled and officially became a couple.

The Proposal

Monica and Chandler's relationship continued to grow throughout the series, with many ups and downs along the way. One of the most significant moments came in season six, episode 25, "The One with the Proposal."

In this episode, Chandler planned an elaborate proposal for Monica, complete with candles, flowers, and a romantic speech. However, when he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, Monica panicked and said no. It wasn't until Chandler revealed that he had also asked for her parents' permission that she changed her mind and said yes.

The Wedding

Monica and Chandler's wedding is one of the most memorable moments in Friends history. In season seven, episode 23, "The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding," the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their friends and family.

The episode is filled with hilarious moments, such as Joey getting stuck in his tuxedo and Phoebe trying to distract Rachel from realizing she is pregnant. However, it also has touching scenes, such as when Monica's father gives her away and when Chandler reads his vows.

The Future

After their wedding, Monica and Chandler continued to be a beloved couple on Friends. They faced many challenges together, such as infertility struggles and career changes. However, they always supported each other and remained committed to their relationship.

In the final season of Friends, Monica and Chandler decided to adopt twins and start a family of their own. The series ends with the two moving into a new home with their children and friends gathered around them.

When Does Monica And Chandler Start Dating

Monica and Chandler's relationship is one of the most beloved storylines in Friends history. From their early friendship to their unforgettable wedding, fans could not get enough of this couple. Their relationship showed that sometimes love can grow from unexpected places and that true love can conquer any obstacle.