Pest & Insect Control

Turf insects such as mites, chinch bugs, sod webworms and cutworms can cause considerable damage to your lawn if left undiagnosed and not treated.


Grass mite differs considerably in appearance from the other turf-damaging mites. It is smaller and lighter in color. During most of the season, it is green; the young stages are a paler color. During periods when the mites run out of food or environmental conditions are unfavorable, they may temporarily turn bright red.


Dead grass takes on a brownish-yellow color and the blades are stiff. Under favorable conditions, severe injury can progress rapidly. Almost all serious injury by grass mites are related to winter drought stress. South-facing hills with sun exposure are typical areas where turf damage can be expected.

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Steps in Pest & insect control

Pest & Insect control does not start with the application of insecticides but with observation. The insect controlling drive essentially consists of four steps:

  1. Identification of insect

    The identification of the damage-causing insects is the first step in the insect control; the step is crucial, as there are thousands of insects and different insects require different controlling measures.
  2. Specifying the stage of the life cycle of insect

    Since some insects can only be contained at certain times during their lifecycles, it is necessary to specify life cycle of insect for successful insect control. It is the second stage that requires expertise, as specifying life cycle stage requires in-depth knowledge of many insect’s life cycle.
  3. Understanding the level of infestation

    As different degree of insect infestation requires different controlling measures, it is crucial to know the level of infestation. Insect control professionals are no less than a zoologist with the working knowledge of a botanist.
  4. Application of insect control product

    Based on the observation, insecticide, which is deemed appropriate for lawn and gardens, is applied. Application of products is necessary always; however, it becomes necessary when damage history is apparent and/or threshold infestations have threatened the overall health of the lawn.

Is there a safety and health concern with application of pest & insect control product?

We use professional strength products approved by the EPA for home lawns.  Our trained professional applicators licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture apply these so they are safe for your lawn, pets, family, and the environment.

After watering in treatment, family members as well as pets can play safely on the lawn after 24 hours or when dry.

What can we do for you?

If you observe the early signs of injury or significant numbers of pests & insects in your lawn, give us a call. Our professionals that provide best pest & insect control service trained to identify the insect, its life cycle, and the level of infestation. Based on the infestation and type of insect, our insect control professional will decide the best solution for a given problem.

Our employees trained to diagnose insect damage carry fact sheets, which can tell owners more about pests, such as leather jackets, chinch bugs, and white grubs. Our consultation is free; you can call for any type of insect problem, we will diagnose the problem and set up the proper program.

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