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One of the secrets of having great looking landscapes is to apply mulch to your trees, flower beds, shrubs, and plants. In addition to improving the look of your yard, mulch

  • decreases evaporation rates by as much as 35 percent to reduce your watering bill
  • prevents germination of weeds
  • protects plants from hot sun and winds
  • prevents soil erosion
  • insulates your plants and protects their roots from our extreme temperature shifts
  • as it breaks down it becomes nutritious organic matter promoting future healthy growth
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What is Mulch?

Organic material, made usually from decaying plant leaves and bark, or compost, which is spread around trees, flower beds, shrubs, and plants, which enriches and insulates the soil, and thus, helps in conserving moisture. Based on the requirement, we can make mulch from different types of materials that accentuate a landscape – it is a perfect solution to protect the valuable layer of soil.


When to apply?

It’s important to apply mulch at the right time for optimum health. Don’t apply mulch too early or too late in the season. Spring – Once the soil has a chance to warm up. Applying the mulch too early can slow down the warming process, which helps plants grow optimally. Summer – During the hotter summer months, you might have to re-apply additional mulch to help retain moisture and protect plants from hot sun and high winds. Fall – Put a layer of mulch down before the temperatures drop below freezing. Doing this will help keep the soil and plant roots insulated during the cold winter months.

What can we do for you?

We provide best mulch services to garden owners to make the most of their landscape. Our comprehensive mulch service can help you conserve water and grow healthy plants with a range of mulches which go well with surroundings and prevent the garden from the brunt of a blazing sun.

Contact us to know about mulch services, and how it can help you maintain a perfect landscape in spring, summers, fall, and winter.

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