Our Pricing Decision

When we started our lawn care company, we said we have two choices here, we can be the cheapest, or we can obsess over genuinely being the best with the best people, service, products, and safety for you and your family. The issue is we knew we couldn’t be both, and we realized if we were going to be genuinely the best that in most cases, we would be 10-15% higher. And we thought there was a market for a group of Arapahoe and Douglas Counties Homeowners who would be willing to pay 10-15% more for the best quality, service, and safety than paying the cheapest price. If you are looking for the cheapest price, then we are not your best option. However, if you are the type that is looking for zero stress, best quality service, and safety, then we are probably the best fit for you.

How Does Our Pricing & Service Compare? BestYard is not the highest-priced service, but most clients find our prices are about the cost of a Starbuck’s latte higher than the cheaper prices. What do you get for the difference?
  • Service – BestYard has more 5-Star Reviews than any Colorado lawn & garden maintenance company. Check our 1000+ Customer Reviews, 80+ Google Reviews, and Winner of Best Lawn & Garden Maintenance for the last 11 years (in the lower right column). We show up when we say we will, or notify you of a delay, usually weather-related. We return phone calls the same or next day. We answer most service calls within 24-48 hours.
  • Quality – BestYard uses the highest quality products, train our employees extensively in best practices, and have quality checklists for each job such as our 23-point mowing quality checklist. We treat each lawn as if it were our own. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee guarantees your satisfaction, or it is free.
  • Safety – All employees have clean backgrounds to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and yard. All employees speak fluent English and are legal to work in the US. Employees have weekly safety training. Our $2+ million liability insurance protects you from any damage or accidents that may happen on your property.
How about the cheap price? If you’re looking for a cheap, cut and run, cut corners, inexperienced employees possibly with criminal or illegal background, no guarantee, no insurance, won’t call you back, doesn’t show up when they say they will lawn care company. Save yourself the aggravation, pay the neighbor’s kid to do it. You get a cheaper price; the kid learns about responsibilities. As Boy Scouts, both my Dad and I cut neighborhood lawns and learned lifetime values.

Your Purchasing Decision

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners who want a lush, green, weed-free yard. What we find is that they typically deal with one or more of the following three problems:

1. Homeowners who struggle with knowing if I should hire a lawn care company and which one should I hire.
  • Out of 1000’s of lawn care companies, how do I choose the right one for my family and me?
  • What are the things I should look for that will keep YOU and your family safe?
  • How do I know they will provide both the lawn care tasks and the customer service I need?

If that sounds like you, then I think this information will be beneficial. Click here to download A Homeowner’s Guide: How to Choose a Lawn Care Company that will keep You and Your Family Safe.

2. Homeowners who want a lush, green, weed-free yard but are:

    • Unsure of where to start
    • Don’t have the time or do not wish to maintain the yard themselves
    • A DIYer, but might consider getting help on some items
  • Not 100% satisfied with their current lawn care company
If that sounds like you, then I think this information will be beneficial. Click here to download Six Secrets to a Lush, Green Lawn.

3. Homeowners who want a lush, green, weed-free yard who may have some professional services, or do it themselves, but would like the best professional advice to make their lawn and garden more beautiful.

If that sounds like you, then I think this information will be beneficial. Click here to download Free Tip Of The Week.

Our Pricing

Weekly Mowing – Starting as $50 per week.
bad hair cut
great haircut

We have all had “BAD haircuts” and “GREAT haircuts.” Mowing the haircut for the lawn. Employees use a 23-point quality checklist to give you a GREAT cut each time…including closing the gate not to let the dog out. The service includes Mowing, Edging, Line Trimming, & Clean-Up. Click Mowing Services to learn more.

Fertilization and Weed Control – Starting at $75 per application.
Other's Lawns
Our Lawns
You can see the difference between other’s lawns and our lawns.

We use only the best granular slow-release fertilizer and “Professional Use Only” EPA approved chemicals for the health of your lawn and garden. Our seven-application program includes fertilization, pre-emergent, and post-emergent treatments for a lush green, weed-free lawn. Click Lawn Care Services to learn more.

SprinklersStartup and Shutdown – Starting at $125 for up to 8 zones + $5 per zone after 8 zones. Sprinkler Maintenance & Sprinkler Repair – Starting at $125 for 1st half-hour, then $125 per hour + parts.

Click Sprinkler Services to learn more. Aerations – Starting at $115.
Click Aeration Services to learn more. Gardening and Landscape Maintenance Services – Starting at $90 per man hour + materials. Our Additional Services Will Result in a Beautiful Garden Year-Round. Bush and Bed Crew, Seasonal Flowers, Landscape Mulch, Spring / Fall Clean-Up.

Click Landscape Maintenance Services to learn more. Holiday Lights – Custom prices per house. Prices start at $1200 – $1500 plus any add-ons, if interested Click Holiday lights Services to learn more.

Special Offers


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