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We have all had “BAD haircuts” and “GREAT haircuts”
bad hair cut     great haircut
Mowing is the “haircut” for your lawn. Would you pay the cost difference of a Starbuck’s Latte to get a “Great” vs “Bad” haircut? Our clients find the cost difference between “Great” vs “Bad” or budget lawn cut is less than a Starbuck’s Latte.

Just as with your haircut, the difference in the quality of the lawn “cut” is in the attention to detail, the equipment, the training and skill of the person doing the cutting, and their technique.

Here are some of our secrets to deliver you a “Great Cut” every time.

  • For the best cut use 21” professional mowers to avoid scalping, soil compaction, ruts, and damage done by big equipment. Sharpen our blades daily for better and crisper cuts.
  • Sharpen blades every week for better and crisper cuts. Dull blades tear the grass which creates ideal conditions for disease to creep in.
  • Cut no more than the top 1/3 of the grass blade at a time to avoid stressing the grass.
  • Cut at 3” to promote deep root development. Cutting shorter will stress the grass and cause shallower root development more prone to disease, weeds, and drought.
  • Change mowing patterns weekly to avoid ruts and soil compaction.
  • Train our technician on proper techniques to produce a “Great Cut” every time. Think barber or beauty college training and certification for lawn care providers.
  • Use a 21 point Quality Control Checklist that ensures everything looks its best, and “the dog doesn’t get out”.

Bottom Line:

We pay attention to the details so your lawn looks great! Each visit includes mowing, trimming, edging and blowing of surfaces to remove debris, and closing your gates so your pet does not get out.

Why We Do Not Do Bi-Weekly Mowing

With a name like and winning the “Best Lawn & Garden Maintenance Company” from 2008 thru 2016, we have a name and reputation to uphold.  Here are our reasons why we do not do bi-weekly mowing.

Think about a golf course.

How often do they mow their grass?  Fairways are mowed multiple times a week.  Greens are at least daily.  Why?  They water, fertilize, and aerate their grass to get the best possible turf.  This causes the grass to grow faster.  Frequent mowing takes only a little off the grass blade which promotes deep root growth.  This results in thicker, greener, healthier turf that is more weed, insect, and disease resist grass.  Fairways look great, but the greens have the deepest root development and the healthiest grass.

They would never mow their grass bi-weekly.  Why?  Because grass that is watered and fertilized grows more than 1 ½” per week.  One mowing basic is to never cut more than 1/3 or 1 ½” of the grass blade.  Cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade causes the tender roots to be exposed to more sun and heat resulting in shallower root growth, and induces stress that makes the grass more susceptible to insects, weeds, and disease.

If they cut their grass bi-weekly, what would happen?  You would see scalp marks, brown spots, burned grass, shallow root development insect and disease damage.

Bottom Line – It is not healthy for your lawn, your lawn would never look good, and it could damage our reputation. Check the facts out at CSU. Click Here.

When we do get requests for bi-weekly mowing it is usually for budget reasons. We try to explain that a healthy lawn will increase the value of most homeowner’s largest asset…their home. Realtors report that good looking landscaping adds 15% to the value of the home.

If the home owner still wants bi-weekly mowing for budget reasons, our advice is:

Buyer Beware – Cheapo Lawn Mowing

If you’re looking for a cheapo, cut and run,

inexperienced, no guarantee, won’t call you back,

doesn’t show up when they say they will lawn care company…

Save yourself the aggravation, pay the neighbor’s son to do it.  

You come off cheap, the kid learns about responsibilities.

As owner of, this is genuine heartfelt advice to help American kids.

Both my Dad & I learned responsibility, self-sufficiency, American values, and a little bit about our free enterprise system by starting our own lawn mowing business as a teenager during junior and senior high school.

Homeowner’s Buying Guide for Best Lawn Mowing Services

(Things you should look for when hiring a lawn mowing company that will keep you, your family, pets, and yard safe)
  • Do you offer fertilization and weed control?  If so, do you perform the service yourself or do you contract it to another company? You want to make sure the same company does both the lawn mowing service and the fertilization and weed control service.  The company needs to schedule the mowing service around each fertilization, weed control treatment, pre-emergent application and any necessary turf disease treatments so as not the effect the chemical treatment.  Separate companies will not coordinate the proper timing of the overlap of mowing and lawn care services.
  • Do you have a Guarantee in writing and posted on your website? You need to know that the lawn company you are considering has a Guarantee so powerful that you know with absolute certainty that you will not be on the losing end of a bad lawn care experience.  Will they be around to fix and make right a lawn care mistake?  Would they go as far as to pay another company of your choosing to ensure your complete satisfaction?
  • Do you switch mowing direction weekly? Do you mow four different directions per month? You want to be sure they have a system in place to make certain they don’t forget to switch directions and which direction to mow on which weeks?

Legal Liability for Mowing, Lawn Care, and Landscaping Help

  • Do you, at a minimum, have a $1,000,000 + liability policy to protect me in the event of property damage or injury to an employee working at my property? If not, your homeowner’s policy is at risk.  You may be on the hook to cover your large homeowner’s policy deductible if you end up with a claim or worse yet lawsuit from the injured employee’s attorney.  This is serious. This is a real risk. 
  • Do you prescreen your employees?  Does the company check references? Perform criminal background checks? Are they legally in the country?  Do they speak fluent English?  Do you have strict written policies that prohibit the use of drugs or alcohol by your crews?  How do I know the employees you hire to work on my property are not a potential threat to the safety of my family and personal possessions? 
  • What is your policy on damage to my sprinkler heads?  How fast will you fix them?

Weekly Mowing – Starting as $50 per week.

Do you want this “DONE FOR ME” or is this too complicated?

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