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Get ready for fall

Date posted: September 20, 2021

It’s a good time to put in some work to help your landscape stay healthy as it heads into dormancy for the winter. It’s still warm, but autumn begins next week and we look forward to cooler days ahead. A little care now will help make your lawn hardier so that it will return next... Read more »

Time for a color change

Date posted: September 13, 2021

Last week we talked about planting now for next spring. If you want some seasonal color now, try a fall-themed container garden. You can make your own decorative creation with traditional containers: a ceramic planter, a window box, or a hanging pot. Or get creative and upcycle things you’ve got in the garage, like an... Read more »

Add some plants

Date posted: September 6, 2021

The hottest days of the summer are over, and things should be cooling down soon. It’s a good time to add plants to our landscapes. Since irrigation systems will still be running for a couple more months, there’s time to water new plants and help them get established before winter. Planting now gives new plants... Read more »

Pet-friendly landscapes

Date posted: August 30, 2021

  Yesterday was National Dog Day–a good time to think about how to keep our four-legged friends safe while maintaining our landscapes. Avoid potentially dangerous plants Many dogs dig up or chew bulbs and plants. If your dog is a curious type who likes to dig or taste what’s growing, keep dangerous plants in an... Read more »

Start late-season crops now

Date posted: August 23, 2021

Want your harvest to continue into the fall? Start some leafy greens, herbs, broccoli and root crops now. These plants aren’t made for the long and intensely hot days of summer. Late-summer, with cooling night-time temps and shorter days with less sunshine, offers the right conditions.  A note on root crops such as beets, carrots... Read more »

Heat and smoky skies continue

Date posted: August 16, 2021

Record-breaking high temperatures aren’t the best conditions for growing vegetables. The heat, and smoke from wildfires, aren’t good for the gardener, either. Take care of your garden and yourself with these tips. Caring for heat-stressed veggies Check soil moisture often and water so soil remains uniformly moist. If your plants wilt during the hottest part... Read more »

Battle the bugs

Date posted: August 9, 2021

Recent hot days and precipitation are a perfect combination for insects in our gardens and landscapes. Keep an eye on your garden, especially edible plants, and act on pests as soon as you spot them. Aphids Aphids commonly appear on mixed lettuce greens, radishes, broccoli and kale. Try planting marigolds and lemon thyme to help... Read more »

It’s good to be a drip

Date posted: August 2, 2021

When your faucet drips, it wastes water. But when your irrigation drips, it could be using water wisely. Drip irrigation uses a low pressure, low volume method of applying water directly to the base of plants or at the roots. If you have a small landscape area, are setting up a container garden, or need... Read more »

Lose the lawn bag

Date posted: July 26, 2021

Emptying your grass catcher can be a hot, messy job in the heat of summer. Save yourself the work and improve your landscape in the process by grasscycling. Leaving your grass clippings on the lawn helps return nutrients to the soil and reduce evaporation from the soil. If you’ve got a mulching mower, you’re ready... Read more »

Save water, save money

Date posted: July 20, 2021

Water-efficient sprinklers, smart controllers, and low-maintenance plants help you conserve water and save time on maintaining your landscape. Using less water can save you money, too, after the initial investment. You may also be eligible for rebates to offset that initial investment as well. Contact your municipality or water provider to see what rebates are... Read more »


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