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A beautiful garden or a lush green lawn enhances the visual appeal of the property. It provides you a space in the lap of nature, where you can de-stress and spends quality time with your family and friends.

Maintaining a great-looking lawn requires dedicated efforts, regular care and troubleshooting problems in an expert way as they arise.

Here are five secrets of irrigation and sprinkler system that will help you maintain your yard in the best way possible.

  1. Water Your Lawn Properly: A beautiful lawn requires periodic watering. When it comes to watering your lawn, you should consider the right time of the day, the proper amount of water and frequency of watering. Considering the weather conditions, you should water your lawn in the early morning and fewer times to a depth of 4-6 inches for the development of a healthy root system.

  2. Learn How to Tune Up Your Manual or Automatic Sprinkler System: An efficiently designed and well-tuned sprinkler system saves 30-50% of water. You need to check your sprinkler system and ensure that there are no crooked or clogged heads, broken lines, leaks, and proper coverage by your heads.

  3. Get Sprinkler Shut-Down and Winterization Service from Expert: Shutting down your irrigation system by the first week of November and preparing it for winter months (Winterization) to prevent freeze damage would require availing services of an expert and licensed technician.

  4. Upgrade Your Old Sprinkler with a Smart Controller: If you are using a conventional in-ground sprinkler system with the existing controller then it is high time to replace the timer with the new, smart controller. This will set the watering time as per the weather conditions and details about your yard. This will save a considerable amount of money on your watering bill.

  5. Use Moisture Manager to Reduce Your Watering Bill to Half: BestYard’s new water-saving technology Moisture Manager can help you reduce your water bill up to 50 per cent, prevents diseases and help maintain a healthy lawn. The moisture manager is actually using patented tiny granules of a wetting agent that attract water molecules out of the air and surface areas and deliver moisture to your lawn’s root system for 3 months.

Moisture Manager

BestYard is one of the most reputed and award-winning lawn and garden maintenance, landscaping company that has provided comprehensive support and services to its clients related to maintaining a beautiful lawn or garden. You can feel free to contact the expert by calling on 720-851-7550, or sending an email at Customer-Service@BestYard.com.

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