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As the holiday season approaches, decorating our homes with festive flair is a cherished tradition. While the twinkling lights, fragrant wreaths, and beautifully adorned trees bring joy, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, especially if you have curious kids or pets.

In this guide, we’ll explore tips for safe holiday decorating, from keeping live wreaths and trees well-watered to choosing pet-friendly plants and debunking myths about poinsettias.

Live Wreaths and Trees: A Fire-Safe Approach

  • The beauty of live wreaths and cut trees adds a special touch to holiday decor, but it comes with responsibilities.
  • Please ensure your live wreaths and trees are adequately watered to prevent them from becoming fire hazards.
  • Regularly check the water levels and follow recommended care guidelines to maintain freshness throughout the holiday season.

Pet-Friendly Plant Choices: Beware of Toxicity

Many popular holiday plants can pose risks to both children and pets. It’s essential to be aware of potential hazards and make informed choices:

  • Amaryllis Plants: Amaryllis plants are beautiful, but their bulbs are highly toxic.  Keep them out of reach, especially if you have curious pets or kids.
  • American Holly: This festive plant contains potentially toxic compounds that can lead to gastrointestinal irritation. Opt for safer alternatives if you have pets or children who may explore.
  • Mistletoe: Beware of mistletoe berries and leaves, which can cause mild gastritis. However, the real danger lies in the plastic berries often included in packages, posing a choking hazard to pets and curious children.
  • Kalanchoe: This flowering succulent, known for its vibrant blooms, can cause gastrointestinal issues in pets and may even lead to kidney failure in cats. Choose safer alternatives to ensure a hazard-free environment.

 Poinsettias: Debunking the Poisonous Myth

  • Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not poisonous.
  • WebMD and Mayo Clinic confirm that while they can cause a skin rash or induce nausea/vomiting in children or pets, they are not deadly.
  • Individuals with latex or specific food allergies may experience reactions, but keeping poinsettias out of reach mitigates potential risks.
  • Embrace the beauty of poinsettias in your holiday decor while ensuring a safe environment for everyone.

Safety Measures for Plastic Berries: A Hidden Threat

  • Plastic berries, often included in holiday decor, can significantly threaten pets.
  • Many veterinary visits during the holidays result from pets ingesting these plastic berries, which can lead to choking hazards.
  • Avoid choosing natural alternatives or placing these decorations out of reach to prevent accidents.


As you embark on your holiday decorating journey, remember that safety should be a top priority. By choosing pet-friendly plants, keeping live wreaths and trees well-watered, and debunking myths about poinsettias, you can create a festive atmosphere without compromising the well-being of your human and furry loved ones.

This season, let safety and joy go hand in hand as you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado