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This April month, take some time & learn to give your lawn some love.

April is Lawn Care Month
April is Lawn Care Month, so take some time over the next few weeks to learn how to give your lawn some love. It will return the favor by providing you a place to reenergize during this challenging time.

This week, let’s talk about fertilizer. Properly applied fertilizer helps lawns thrive, allowing grass to be strong and capable of overpowering weeds that try and take up root. But there are a host of mistakes rookies make when applying fertilizer. Many apply at the wrong time of year. It is best to fertilize when grass is growing. Others make the mistake of not reading the label. It’s important to understand what you are using and how to use it.

While many people believe more of something is better than less, this is not the case with fertilizer. Too much fertilizer makes too much plant leaf and won’t allow the roots to grow well. Additionally, an excess of fertilizer can burn the lawn.

An experienced landscape professional can help you choose the right turf for the right area of your property. They can also make educated recommendations on when to fertilize, what product is best for your landscape, and how to properly apply it.

While the work of maintaining a healthy lawn can be time-consuming and takes extreme expertise to do well, the rewards to your family – and the environment – pay dividends. Green spaces are proven stress relievers. Get some sun and fresh air, right in your backyard.

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