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In this post, we will learn about how landscape/garden journal can be a helpful tool for planning next year’s growing season.

If you, like many of us, are spending more time in your backyard this year, you’ve likely been paying closer attention to your landscape. Perhaps you’ve noticed areas you’d like to improve, or that some plants aren’t thriving. Are you taking notes on all the things you observe?

A landscape or garden journal can be a helpful tool for planning next year’s growing season. You can use a traditional blank journal and a pen, or try a notes app on your phone. Write down what you see or what you think about when you look at your landscape. If you use an electronic journal, take photos to accompany your notes. For those who thrive on order, you can find all sorts of templates for gardening journals online.

If your flower seeds did not sprout, note where they were planted and what you think you can do to help seeds grow next season. Was your yield of peas too little? Did your zucchini spread too much and crowd out your kale? Write about it in your journal so that you can better plan your vegetable garden next year. Did your sunflowers fail because they grew in the shade of a large tree? Remind yourself to plant something more suited to shade in that spot.

When it comes time to place orders for seeds or make plans for renovations, you’ll have notes on hand to help you remember what you really wanted out of your yard when the season was in full swing.

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado