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Let’s take care of the thirsty trees!

Trees are also the most expensive plant investment in our yards and consequently, the most expensive to replace. Proper watering is one critical thing you can do to help maintain that investment. They contribute to our health, and they can increase property values as much as 20% by some estimates. Their value increases as they mature, offering beauty, shade and more.

During these times of drought, we need to conserve water. But don’t turn off the water entirely. It’s easy to replace some dead lawn, but you can’t go to the nursery to buy a 30 ft maple tree if the one in your backyard dies. And it will take a long time to regrow the thousands of dollars in property value that tree represents. Trees planted in the lawn areas will get water each time you water the lawn, but trees not in the turf will need supplemental water.

Why trees need consistent water

While most Colorado lawns go dormant under drought stress, trees are not so resilient. Any combination of three weather events can mean death for a tree. For example, drought stress and insects/disease problems followed by winter storm damage can kill this valuable landscape feature.

Since we have little control over insects and disease and none over the weather, providing water is thing we can manage. Keeping a tree healthy by watering it regularly will also help it fight off pests and disease. Fertilization and proper pruning at the right time of year also bolster its viability.

Give them a drink

So be sure to water your trees—especially those that don’t get watered by your irrigation system, like street trees—during these stressful times of drought. It’s in investment into not only their health, but yours.

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado