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Do not leave outdoor containers looking sad and empty, lets add some creativity!


You don’t have to leave outdoor containers looking sad and empty. Nor do you have to put them in storage until spring. Your dormant landscape might need a pick-me-up for the winter, and that’s where those containers come in handy.

If you choose a colorful container, that alone can add a pop of color. Use it to add some interest to your porch or stoop.

Follow the same guidelines (thriller, filler, spiller) that you would in summer to combine materials. For a “thriller,” use long branches like dogwood. Fill spaces with pinecones, artificial flowers, or holiday ornaments, and position evergreens or garland to spill over the sides.

If you don’t already have pinecones or branches in your yard to use, visit your local garden center for some natural elements—or even some weatherproof decorations—to add interest to your container.

Be sure to remove any ornaments or other holiday décor as you transition into simpler winter interest. You’ll keep your containers and your patio or window boxes looking good until it’s time to plant flowers again.

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