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Flower breeding companies invest years of time and money in developing new plant varieties, colors, and traits.

They are constantly improving current varieties, like the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Some specific traits they look for in flower breeding are; more flowers, larger flowers, different flower shapes, specific colors, and disease resistance.

This same process happens for vegetables, roses, perennials, trees, and shrubs.

Flower Trials

  • Every year the plant breeding companies hold “Flower Trials.”
  • Each company is working on new, improved, or crosses of plants.
  • The trials are fun and an excellent opportunity to see thousands of new plants on the market in the coming years.

“Best of” Annual Flower Winners from the 2022 CSU Trials

  • Best of Show – SunPatiens® Vigorous Peach Candy from Sakata® Seed America
  • Best New Variety – Salvia Rockin’® Deep Purple 2023 from Proven Winners®
  • Best Novelty – Senecio Angel Wings (‘Senaw’)PP28,830 from Concept Plants Plus, 39 Best of Class by variety.

Click CSU announces the annual Flower Trial Garden’s 2022 winning flowers to see Colorado State University picks now available for 2023.

  • Garden centers have these new varieties for sale.
  • Could you check them out? You can try them.
  • You never know what beauty they could bring to your landscape.

***the web link to the CSU site above is: https://agsci.source.colostate.edu/csu-announces-annual-flower-trial-gardens-2022-winning-flowers/  ***


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