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Here’s how to cycle and soak:

  • Break up your watering into shorter intervals.
  • For example, if you usually water an area of lawn for about 15 minutes,
  • then don’t apply all the water within one 15-minute timeframe.
  • Watering all at once creates run-off and wasted water your plants won’t get to use.
  • Instead, break the watering time into three intervals so that the water runs for about 5 minutes, and then take a break.
  • This break gives the water time to soak into the soil.
  • It is easy to schedule these cycle-and-soak intervals with the timer on your sprinkler system.
  • By the time each zone has received water, the first zone has had time to absorb the first interval’s water and is ready for the next interval.
  • Need help programming the cycle-and-soak method?
  • Check the manual, look for a video online that walks you through the steps, or consult a landscape professional to help you troubleshoot your turf issues and properly schedule your sprinkler.
  • When scheduling your sprinklers, make sure you’re following any watering rules for your area.
  • They can help you establish good habits and not over-water your lawn.
  • For example, most watering rules prohibit watering midday,
  • which is an excellent guideline since you can lose a lot of irrigation water to evaporation during those hours.

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado