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Here in this post, we have suggested few beautiful DIY fall color ideas and plants

Our landscapes have been through a lot in the last week. Call your landscape professional if you’ve got tree damage or are concerned about your sprinkler system. Some fixes require the help of an experienced pro.

While you wait for that appointment, you can still add some color and style to your landscape with fall containers. They are an easy way to quickly spruce up your porch or patio. If the weather gets wild again, you can bring them into your home or garage just before a freeze hits.

What to plant now

Take advantage of foliage plants that are suited to fall temps by using ornamental cabbage and kale. They make great combos with blooming plants in containers.

Another fall favorite is pansies. Because they are available in so many colors, they can play to many themes. For example, use orange and blue for Bronco-themed containers and other combos in colors that show team spirit for your college or kids’ high school. Orange and black pansies are perfect for Halloween décor. Or simply mix an assortment reds, yellows and purples for bright and varied interest.

Another quick and easy strategy is to use masses of mums. Several containers in the same or different colors grouped together provide mounds of colorful impact and take little time. Group mums in large baskets or re-purpose a bench to give them some height and place them in a row. Galvanized buckets and oval bins are also great for grouping plants as one large mass of color.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort enjoy nature’s last rush of color before wintry weather settles in to stay.

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado