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Your Valentine can keep it indoors for now and move it outside when the weather warms.

With proper care, roses will continue to bloom indoors.

Give your sweetheart some special indoor greenery

Indoor plants are always a good idea because they help clean the air of toxins, and some of them bloom too.

Think about your Valentine’s lifestyle and where they might want to keep a plant.

There are plants for people who suffer from sleepless nights, are away from home much of their time,

have little to no sunlight in their homes, or are forgetful gardeners.

Here are some ideas to help you match the plant to your person. Steps for making the perfect plant-partner match:

  • Bloomers for the sweetheart who loves flowers
    • Cyclamen is a popular indoor flowering plant in the winter.
    • It is available in many colors ranging from white, pale pink, and hot pink to red.
    • It needs some sunlight and regular watering.
    • It also helps clean the air.
    • Pick one large plant or group several small ones in a basket.
    • Gloxinia will bloom anywhere it receives bright, indirect light.
    • Blooms are large, trumpet-like flowers in a variety of colors.
    • It requires water when the soil feels dry to the touch and fertilizer once per month while flowers are in bloom.
  • Ideas for those who need a durable, growing gift
    • Need it to thrive in a darker environment?
    • The name of Cast Iron Plant aptly indicates its hardy nature.
    • It grows 2-3 ft. tall and has narrow, dark green leaves.
    • It will live in dark rooms with infrequent watering and spreads slowly so it rarely needs re-potting.
    • Need it to survive mostly on its own?
    • Red Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen is a show-stopper with its red-pink-and-green leaves.
    • It tolerates dry soil, making it very suitable for forgetful gardeners.
    • Need it to thrive alone for periods of time?
    • ZZ Plant is a great match for frequent travelers because it tolerates dark corners and dry conditions.
    • It won’t need water until the top inch of soil dries.
    • It will also live under fluorescent lights, so it could be a good choice if your sweetheart spends a lot of time on the road or at the office.
  • A gift for the restless sleeper
    • Lavender has a lot going for it.
    • Here’s a perennial that grows well and blooms indoors in a sunny window.
    • It is well-known for its fragrance and as a de-stressor.
    • Just brushing a hand across its fragrant leaves can help your sweetheart relax and even sleep better.

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