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In this week’s post, we have shared Five steps to garden care,


Gardening isn’t a “set it and forget it” hobby. It needs care throughout the season if you want a good harvest. Earlier this month, we shared five tips for establishing a garden. Once the plants are in the ground, we recommended these five steps to help it thrive.

1. Water consistently. Irregular watering that allows plants to wilt through underwatering or soil to be saturated through overwatering creates stress plants don’t need. Water consistently and monitor soil moisture to determine when to water.

2. Weed frequently. Weeds suck up moisture, steal nutrients from the soil and will shade and choke emerging seedlings. If left to flower, they will seed a new crop.

3. Thin seeded crops as they grow. As root crops such as onions, carrots and radishes grow, harvest some of the crop so the rest have room to grow.

4. Provide structural support. Set cages to support tomatoes and poles for beans. Also apply mulch throughout the garden as it helps retain soil moisture and prevent weed germination.

5. Be proactive with pests. Know when insect levels have crossed the line from a nuisance to become a threat and be prepared to take action that will not damage edibles. Some pests can be treated by spraying them with water. Others require different controls. Learn about control options and get expert advice from garden center and landscape pros.

By following these simple steps, you and your garden will have a fruitful partnership this growing season.

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