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The holiday season brings a magical ambiance filled with enchanting scents and the vibrant appearance of fresh greenery. Cedar, pine, spruce, mistletoe, and boxwood are not just decorations; they’re essential elements that add a unique charm to the festive season. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore effective practices to preserve the freshness of these holiday greens, ensuring they remain vibrant throughout the season.

  • The Charm of Fresh Holiday Greenery:
    The appeal of fresh holiday greenery lies in its captivating scent and the visual delight it brings. The rich green hues of cedar, pine, and spruce and the timeless elegance of mistletoe and boxwood create a festive atmosphere, transforming any space into a winter wonderland. To maintain this allure, preserving the moisture within the foliage is crucial.
  • Preservation Techniques for Prolonged Freshness:
    Adopting effective preservation techniques is essential to extend the vibrancy of cut greens in your home.  The preservation process begins with the simple yet impactful step of recutting the stems and immersing the greenery in water overnight. This practice applies to cut boughs, garlands, and wreaths, and can be efficiently executed using a galvanized tub or your bathtub. For arrangements in water, an additional method involves recutting the stems and introducing glycerin into the water. The recommended ratio of 1 part glycerin to 1 part water ensures that the needles of the greenery remain soft and pliable. Glycerin, a readily available substance at your local drugstore, becomes an asset in preserving your holiday greenery’s natural texture and freshness.
  • Glycerin: A Natural Preservative for Holiday Greenery:
    Glycerin, a versatile and readily accessible substance, is a game-changer in preserving the beauty of your holiday greenery. Besides maintaining needle softness, glycerin is a natural humectant, helping the greenery retain moisture. Its application is simple, making it an ideal solution for enhancing the longevity of your festive decorations.
  • Anti-Transpirant Spray: A Protective Shield for Your Greenery:
    An additional and highly effective strategy to retain moisture in holiday greenery is using an anti-transpirent spray readily available at garden centers. This specialized solution acts as a protective barrier, preventing excessive moisture loss and enhancing the overall freshness of your greenery. Applying the spray protects against environmental factors, ensuring your holiday decorations remain vibrant throughout the holiday season.

Preserving the freshness of holiday greenery is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a lasting and memorable festive ambiance. By adopting simple yet effective practices such as stem recutting, water immersion, glycerin application, and the use of anti-transpirent sprays, you can ensure that your cedar, pine, spruce, mistletoe, and boxwood decorations remain vibrant throughout the holiday season.

Incorporating these preservation techniques into your festive preparations guarantees a visually stunning and enchanting atmosphere that captures the true spirit of the holidays. May your holiday season be filled with the timeless beauty of fresh greenery, creating cherished moments and lasting memories for years to come.


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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado