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watering_lawnInadequate watering of lawn during summers or during water shortage periods, like in droughts, greatly damages lawn, sometimes permanently.

During summers or droughts when we do not water lawn sufficiently, because of the inflation in the water bills, the root system starts to adapt to new water deficient conditions. One of the most significant effects is the development of shallow roots. The roots of the lawn, instead of growing downwards, start to grow upwards, which causes permanent damage. The condition also leaves your lawn and landscaping prone to diseases.

Given the high cost of water during droughts, it is necessary that you employ water saving techniques, so you can save your lawn from the damage summers brings with itself, and also save on the expenses you incur in water bills.

  1. The first thing that you have to is to avoid run-off of water. Typically, soil during summers, is hard, which makes it nonporous. The non-porosity of the soil makes water to run off the surface, if too much of water is delivered at once. You can circumvent the problem simply by watering the lawn in short spells or cycles, letting water to be absorbed efficiently.
  2. Do not water your lawn when the sun is high and shining, as the transpiration and evaporation rate at this time is the highest during the day. It is better to avoid during such hours, instead water it early in the morning; the best time is around 5 and 6 am. Tip: Don’t water lawn at night as it can damage it will make it prone to diseases.
  3. Some areas in your lawn are exposed directly to sunrays, devoid of any shades, and at these spots, you will notice dry spots will develop. You need to concentrate on these parts, instead of watering those spots using sprinklers, poke small holes with garden claw water them using hose.

These tips will help you to maintain a healthy, disease free lawn in summers. And if you cannot give enough time to your lawn, it is better to hire in Highlands Ranch a Landscaping company, who can help you to apply these strategies.

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