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It's good to be a drip
  • When your faucet drips, it wastes water. But when your irrigation drips, it could be using water wisely. Drip irrigation uses a low pressure, low volume method of applying water directly to the base of plants or at the roots. If you have a small landscape area, are setting up a container garden, or need to water individual plants instead of a large area of turf, drip might be the watering method for you.
  • As mentioned a few weeks ago in this Tip of the Week, watering slowly is an effective way to use water efficiently. A drip irrigation system waters slowly and with precision, getting the water right to the spots that need it most and takings its time to do so.
  • Talk with a landscape professional about where drip irrigation might benefit your landscape. When used correctly, it can make every drop of water count, saving you money and helping your plants thrive.

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado