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Check out these easy and practical end-of-summer landscaping tips designed to extend the season and keep your outdoor living area healthy and comfortable.

  • Watering- Watering your lawn and garden can be problematic, depending on local limitations.

About 1 inch of water is all your lawn needs to push through the dog days of summer.

  • Sprinkler System- If you planted late or plan to water late in the season, get a backflow wrap to protect your backflow preventer from mild freezes.
  • Flowers- Deadhead your flowers to encourage growth and maintain a neat appearance.

Annuals like petunias and pansies take just a few minutes to deadhead, while other annuals and perennials require cutting.

  • Aerations- Fall aerations are recommended to break up soil, redistribute nutrients, and improve air transfer between soil and atmosphere.
  • Shrubs- Most plants require pruning in early spring and mid-winter, but summer provides an excellent opportunity for light pruning.

Trimming roses helps promote an additional series of blooms, and many flowering shrubs and trees could use a quick pruning now. Be sure your pruners are clean and sharpened; otherwise, you risk harming vulnerable plants.

Always clean your tools after dealing with diseased plants, and keep the blades free from debris and sap.

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado