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Help the winter birds, leaving meal for them in yard.

Look Out For Winter Birds

Now that your own Thanksgiving dinner is finished, consider leaving a meal for the birds in your landscape.

There are many birds that overwinter in Colorado, including chickadees, juncos, crows, and the striking cedar waxwing (pictured above). Help them this winter by providing a bird feeder for them.

Try to identify a few of them in your yard before choosing the food source you provide. Not all birdseed is created equal; you’ll want to choose a mix that your local birds will eat. According to CSU Extension, black oil sunflower seed is a safe bet that many wild birds in Colorado enjoy.

You might also choose a suet bird feeder, which will bring around nearby chickadees and woodpeckers. There are special feeders available that hold a block of suet—or you can go the old-fashioned route and use a pinecone coated with peanut butter or fat.

Keep an eye out for other wildlife or house pets that might seek out the tasty snacks in the feeder—seeds, fat or even birds. Adjust the location of your feeder to help keep the birds safe. If squirrels frequent your landscape, you might need a special “squirrel-proof” feeder.

Don’t forget to provide a beverage with that meal. Give birds a water source with a bird bath or shallow tray of water. Replenish it daily and clean it weekly to be sure your feathered friends have a clean place to take a drink.

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