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Are you prepared for Christmas this year? We are here to help!

“The foremost sign that shows you are ready when your home’s interior and exterior is decorated with garlands, wreaths, bows, and lights. I took a picture of the house that really perks up the holiday mood” stated by Chris Dominy, a local owner of BestYard.com and the Weed Man Lawn Care for Douglas and Arapahoe counties.

Below mentioned is an explanation of an array of decorating techniques used.

  1. Roof lighting is divided into two categories. Facia lighting forms sharp angles and lines,while ridge lighting highlights depth and height.
  2. Window lighting brightens the main area of the property and can be relished from either outside or inside of the house.
  3. Stack lighting adds the lower range to your illumination program by outlining beds, driveways, and walks.
  4. Daytime Decoration comprises features likea wreath that drawl any or all doors and windows. Decorated wreaths can be lit, unlitorfixed with a full bow. Lit garland is wrapped over the railing,draped around pillars or utilized as an accent across the front door. Unlit garland is also available for various purposes.
  5. Tree and shrub lighting done by anexpertis graceful and spectacular.

If you would like to seek the help with your holiday decoration, contact us. We can help you with installing lights, take down, and storage making the whole process a hassle-free affair!