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Governor Polis has declared July Smart Irrigation Month.

July is a peak month for outdoor water use and a good time to make sure you’re using irrigation efficiently.

In July, BestYard.com is sending a series of 5 Secrets to help you save water, money and time in caring for your lawn and garden landscape.

The 1st week was all about sprinkler system efficiency.

This week presents a New Lawn Chemistry Technology – That Saves up to 30 – 50% on your Watering Bill!

  • Are you upset at the high costs of watering your yard
  • Do you want to reduce your watering cost?
  • Are you concerned that drought conditions will damage your yard?
  • Do you still want to have a beautiful, lush green healthy lawn?

How Does It Work? 

Tiny granules of a new, patented wetting agent attract water molecules out of the air and surface areas to deliver moisture to your lawn’s root system for 3 months.

Lawn Drought Stress Test in July

Left – treated with Moisture Manager                                 Right – not treated

Flowers with Moisture Manager                                Without Moisture Manager

Is it Expensive?

This treatment is comparable to the cost of a regular fertilizer application and is dependent on the square footage of your lawn. It lasts up to 3 months, is comparable in cost to a regular fertilizer application.

Is It Safe for My Family & Pets?

Yes.  They can be on the yard immediately after application.

  • Lawn Benefits include:
  • Increase water penetration in root zone.
  • Reduce Water Bills 20% to 50% by increasing irrigation efficiency.
  • Less Lawn Disease.
  • Improved Lawn Color.
  • Maximizes Your Fertilizer & Control absorption in the soil and roots.
  • Reduces runoff on sloped areas so low areas aren’t wet and high areas aren’t dry.

Need More Proof?

Click SiteOne Landscape Supply – Moisture Manager to see a YouTube presentation of this new chemistry, how & why it works, more before and after pictures, and verified scientific studies by University of Florida, Clemson University, Ohio State University, and Penn State University of water saving up to 50%. (At 7:24 it is quite through, check it out.)

  • OF COURSE, we would love to care for your yard.
  • BUT, whether we provide for your yard or not, we want it to be the best it can be.
  • THEREFORE, we want to provide you the best professional advice for your lawn care in this guide.
  • THIS IMPROVES our neighborhoods, community, and environment.

P. S.  Let us save you money on your watering bill with BestYard.com’s Moisture Manager, or upgrading your sprinkler system to be more efficient.  You enjoy your weekend.  

If this sounds good to you, CALL: 720-851-7550 or click the: Do It For Me button below to discuss your sprinkler system needs or request your FREE quote.BestYard.com provides Moisture Manager and Sprinkler services in Aurora, Parker, The Pinery, Pradera, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Lone Tree, and Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with  Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado