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In this post, let’s discuss the benefits of water-wise perennials.

Last week we talked about colorful, low-water annuals for your containers. Now let’s discuss the benefits of water-wise perennials. They are low-maintenance, need little water, and, if properly established, won’t need to be replaced each season.

Water-wise perennials need more water during their first growing season to become established, but in following growing seasons require much less water. All the hardy, low-water plants listed below offer color and interest in the landscape and have low water needs once established.

  • Oenothera‘Silver Blade’ evening primrose
  • Berlandiera lyratachocolate flower
  • Gaillardia‘Goblin’ blanket flower
  • WINDWALKER® royal red salvia
  • Salvia sylvestrisMay Night Meadow Sage
  • Rudbeckia hirtablack-eyed susan
  • Artemisia frigidafringed Sage
  • Helianthus pumilusbush sunflower

If you’re not familiar with these varieties, do a quick Google search by name to see photos and learn more about each plant, or consult a landscape professional or garden center for help identifying the right perennials for your landscape.

Then relax and enjoy a landscape that is both beautiful and water-efficient!

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