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Here are a few tips to recycle your yard waste.

Recycle yard waste

While the word recycling may make you think of soda cans, plastic bottles, and electronics, don’t forget that recycling can happen in your landscape, too.

As we’ve mentioned before, you can mulch your leaves and use them on your roses and garden beds to help soil retain heat and moisture. But pinecones, twigs, and branches can become rustic décor for your home. Instead of buying them in a craft or home decorating store, save money by collecting them during fall cleanup chores. Then, bring them inside in a number of ways:

  • Leave them as-is or add some spray paint for a pop of color.
  • Make a wreath.
  • Decorate an empty patio container garden.
  • Add texture to an arrangement.

For the remaining yard waste that you can’t reuse or add to your compost bin, look for resources in your area that accept materials for drop-off. Find some collected resources at www.alcc.com/recycle.

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