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reRising landfill waste in metropolitan towns and cities is a big problem. It is one of the most significant factors that lead to soil pollution and receding water table. Hence, many companies and factories aim to reduce the landfill waste through following the eco-friendly 3 R model that is Reuse, Reduce and Recycle the solid waste.

Can you imagine that 17 billion toilet paper rolls are thrown away each year in United States? This would fill the Empire State Building, which is the fourth largest building in the US, twice. In order to curb this wastage, the Scott paper company launched an innovative product–Scott Naturals Tube-Free. This would cut down the waste and help people get rid of the heap of waste in form of TP tubes.

Likewise,a well reputed Boulder-based tea company, Celestial Seasonings, has discontinued the use of string, tag, staple or individual wrapper for its teabags. This enables the company to prevent more than 3.5 million pounds of waste from entering landfills each year.

There are many industries that face the challenge of reducing their waste production that includes the landscape industry as well. Whether it is mowing lawns or pruning trees and shrubs, reducing landfill waste is a major challenge for a landscaping company. Therefore, it is very important to rely only on a well reputed landscaping company for your Parker Lawn Care.

Using mulching mowers for grass clippings

The EPA estimates that yard waste takes 18% of landfill sites.  Most of this can be avoided with eco-friendly practices.  Gone are the days when companies used simple push powered Reel mowers or electric mowers. Now, mowers come equipped with mulching blades that simply chop the grass to finer clippings. The grass clippings need not be dumped as landfill waste, as they act as compost and provide vital nutrients to the lawn, thereby reducing the need for fertilizers.

Converting pruned leaves and branches into compost or wood mulch

Huge volumes of debris are produced by landscaping companies through pruning leaves and branches of trees. Thanks to many recycling and composting centers that recycle this debris into compost or transforms it into wood mulch. The organic wood mulch so produced will easily settle down and decompose after a period.

Mulching tip:

It is commonly suggested not to use landscape fabric to collect the mulch as its slick surface will cause mulch to blow away in the wind.

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