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Mites and chinch bugs can cause considerable damage to your lawn if left undiagnosed and not treated in 3 weeks or less. Here is some educational information to help you diagnose your lawn.


Grass mite differs considerably in appearance from the other turf-damaging mites. It is smaller and lighter in color. During most of the season, it is green; the young stages are a paler color. During periods when the mites run out of food or environmental conditions are unfavorable, they may temporarily turn bright red.


Dead grass takes on a brownish-yellow color and the blades are stiff. Under favorable conditions, severe injury can progress rapidly. Almost all serious injury by grass mites are related to winter drought stress.  South-facing hills with sun exposure are typical areas where turf damage can be expected.

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Chinch Bugs

These tiny insects live in lawn grasses above the soil, feeding on lawns by sucking out the vital juices of the grass plant.

Chinch bugs are also lethal due to their tiny size, only about ⅕” in length. Due to their diminutive size, you may not even know you have an infestation until the damage is already done.

The best place to look for these insects are on the stems of your live grass, near the soil surface. After you sit and watch closely, you’ll be able to spot them crawling around.

These tiny creatures can cause big damage!

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Learn more about Chinch Bugs by viewing this videos.

What can we do for you?

If you observe the early signs of injury or significant numbers of insects in your lawn, give us a call at

Our professionals that provide insect control service trained to identify the insect, its life cycle, and the level of infestation. Based on the infestation and type of insect, our insect control professional will decide the best solution for a given problem.

Our employees trained to diagnose insect damage carry fact sheets, which can tell owners more about pests, such as mites, chinch bugs, and white grubs. Our consultation is free; you can call for any type of insect problem, we will diagnose the problem and set up the proper program.

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