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Now that the rain seems to be slowing down and we are entering 90-degree days, what should we be looking out for in our gardens?

  • With these warmer days, the existing planting in your garden may start to look as if they need more water.
  • Some leaves will become droopy in the hot part of the day, however, it may not mean they need water.
  • Plants wilt when roots are unable to supply sufficient moisture to the stems and leaves.
  • Wilting for short periods of time does not harm plants.
  • Sometimes a plant wilts on a hot day because moisture is evaporating from the leaves faster than the roots can take it up.
  • If there is ample soil moisture, the plant will absorb water in the evening to restore turgor to the stems and leaves.
  • You could end up doing more damage by giving them water when they really do not need it.

What if the plant does not bounce back in the evening?

  • Feel the ground with your finger, if it’s moist past your first knuckle it’s not a lack of water. It may mean that the soil is over compacted hindering the ability to uptake water.
  • If the leaves are yellowing, it could mean that the plant has had too much water. Most plants that are newly planted die due to overwatering.
  • It is actually dry, and you should water more!

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado