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farmSince the lawn & garden maintenance is seasonal business in Douglas and Arapahoe counties, we get that question all the time.  Many people assume that lawn care companies shut down after Thanksgiving.  That is the case for many companies, and used to be the case for BestYard.com.

What changed is clients asking us to also install Christmas lights, do snow removal, and winter chores for them such as winter watering, pruning ornamental grasses, shrubs, and trees damaged by  heavy  snow falls, and winter cleanup of wet leaves so the grass could get oxygen in the winter.  Bottom Line:  many clients wanted full service, year round, one stop shopping for all their landscape maintenance needs.

Fortunately for us, this is now a nice part of our business which allows us to keep many of crew members employed and bring their experience in serving clients back for the next season.

Since the winter months are slower, we use this time educate, train and certify employees.  We employ only professional licensed, state certified pesticide applicators are trained on proper use of herbicides and pesticides, and recognition and treatment of weeds, insects, and lawn diseases.  Irrigation, gardening, and mowing crew members attend the National Association of Landscape Professionals Conference and annual Colorado Green Industry Conference.  Participating in these conferences helps them possess necessary, up-to-the-minute information.  Bottom Line:  We want to ensure we have the best trained and knowledgeable employees taking care of your property as if it were own.

During the growing season, when every day is hectic, full of daily tasks, you do not really have much time to ponder which of your services, policies and procedures are working and which are not. We do make small changes to the way we deliver some of our services in the peak season, but thinking which one is working and which one is not certainly happens in the offseason.

That exactly is the reason why we ask you to complete the Client Satisfaction Survey. We carefully read all the questions, comments and suggestions made by you. It is because of your positive and negative feedback that we keep improving our services and solutions for you. Next year, we will be bringing better, customized, eco-friendly lawn care services to you at economical rates.

Thank you! Because of you this year we were voted the “Best Lawn and Garden Maintenance Company” for the 7th year in a row.  It is because of you we have become a lawn care business with most positive reviews on Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and White Pages. Because of you, we now offer the Best Guarantee in Colorado! If you are not satisfied with any of our services, kindly let us know, we are ready to fix it or it is free. Guaranteed!