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In this post, we will discuss about how to make sure the roots and canopy get the right amount of water.

Trees are one of the most valuable assets in a landscape. With the ongoing drought in Colorado, winter watering is more important than ever to preserve your investment. It’s a good rule of thumb to water your trees twice per month in winter.

A tree’s roots grow horizontally and can spread 2-4 times wider than the height of the tree, and wider than the tree’s canopy. Here’s how to make sure the roots and canopy get the right amount of water:

  • Water should be applied within the entire canopy of the tree.
  • Water deeply and slowly to many locations under the canopy.
  • To assure the survival of a tree, apply 10 gallons of water for each inch of the tree’s diameter, measured at knee height. per watering.
  • Apply mulch within the canopy at a depth of 3-4 inches, leaving 6 inches between the mulch and trunk.

As long as daytime temps are above freezing and the soil is not frozen, you can water your trees.

If this seems too complicated to do yourself, contact a landscape professional to help you. They can use a deep-root watering device, which is the best way to get the water deep into the soil where roots live.

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Source: customer-service@bestyard.com in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado