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If the grueling summer heat has taken a toll on your lawn, here are “7 Secrets to a Beautiful Yard This Fall” to help your lawn recover from the summer stress and be beautifully green and healthy this fall.

  • Effective Weed Treatment:Weed control along with regular fertilization, proper trimming, and correct watering application will keep the grass lush green.
  • Early Fall Fertilization:Helpyour lawn recover from the grueling summer heat and drought.
  • Lawn Aeration: Aeration allows turf’s root system to breathe and absorb nutrients and water.
  • Over Seeding: Fall over seeding allows turf to become solid and oust weeds that grew during the summer.
  • Early Winter Fertilization: It promotes a healthy and flourishing root system. It also helps in storing essential nutrients to survive the harsh winter and thrive early next spring.
  • Mite Control Treatment: This is proactive step to be taken as mites can severely damage your lawn if left untreated.
  • Complete Fall Clean Up: Put your yard “to bed” by planting fall bulbs, trimming, picking up leaves, and cleaning up the whole area to give your yard a healthy start next spring.

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7 Secrets to a Beautiful Lawn This Fall
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