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Nobody wants their lawn or garden to look shabby, coarse, or having brown patches. A lot of effort is required to keep your lawn manicured and moisturized. However, you could make your garden lively again by adopting a few water-saving strategies.

One of the water saving tips for your lawn and garden is to adopt Moisture Manager Program.

Benefits of using moisture manager program

  • Minimize drought stress
  • Reduce watering up to 50%
  • Control or eliminate dry spots
  • Enhance nutrient efficiency
  • Optimize pesticide efficiency
  • Improve seed germination
  • Increase transplant survival
  • Reduce watering expenses
  • Improve seed germination
  • Minimize transplant loss

In the following Infographic, created by BestYard.com, we are sharing one of the best water saving tips for your lawn and garden that helps in maintaining existing turf and plants as well as ensuring the survival of new sod, seed, sprigs, bedding plants, shrubs, or trees.
Moisture Manager Program : Cut Your Watering Bill up to 50%