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Lawn care in a heat wave

Date posted: July 29, 2020

Distress your lawn by professional watering techniques,   Is your lawn overcome by the heat? Some lawns are showing signs of stress and some are turning brown. But resist the urge to simply water more. First, check what’s going on with the lawn. There are fungus problems that can turn your lawn brown — almost... Read more »

Trust the locals

Date posted: July 21, 2020

In this weeks post, we will discuss about Native/Non-native plants. Colorado’s wild temperature swings, hard freezes, and dry conditions make it a challenge to grow plants, especially non-natives that many people expect to see in a beautiful landscape. But as drought spreads throughout the state, it might be time to adjust expectations and consider more... Read more »

Mid-summer garden check-up

Date posted: July 13, 2020

In this week post, lets discuss about Mid-summer garden check-up. At this point in the summer, your gardening to-do list should be mostly about maintenance. Keep weeding and deadheading flowers like dahlias, marigolds, and salvia. Keep an eye out for emerging pests and fungus like aphids or powdery mildew and be proactive before they can... Read more »

New Lawn Chemistry Technology – That Saves up to 30 – 50% on your Watering Bill!

Date posted: July 8, 2020

Governor Polis has declared July Smart Irrigation Month. July is a peak month for outdoor water use and a good time to make sure you’re using irrigation efficiently. In July, is sending a series of 5 Secrets to help you save water, money and time in caring for your lawn and garden landscape. The... Read more »

Be smart about outdoor water use

Date posted: July 7, 2020

In this post, Lets discuss about saving water with technology. Much of Colorado is experiencing some form of drought right now. It’s a reminder that water is a valuable and limited resource, especially in our state. Since July is Smart Irrigation Month, consider how you can use technology to use water more efficiently, which saves... Read more »

Do’s and don’ts during a heat wave

Date posted: June 30, 2020

In this post, Lets discuss do’s and don’ts during a heat wave. We’ve had some hot days lately, and with more heat in the forecast, we need to keep our edible gardens healthy. Here are three do’s and three don’ts for helping your vegetables thrive despite the high temperatures. DO: Know how and when to... Read more »

Is your yard like Grandma’s?

Date posted: June 29, 2020

Many of our clients have called wanting to improve the appearance and enjoyment of their yard this summer since they are staying home because of lockdown guidelines or cancelled vacation plans. This is the 4th for 4 Pro Tips in June with ideas to make your yard the best yard in your neighborhood. Back in... Read more »

Make a place for pollinators

Date posted: June 22, 2020

In this post, let’s discuss the benefits of pollinators in your garden. Next week is Pollinator Week. To celebrate, invite pollinators into your landscape. It’s good for them, and it’s good for your garden. What do pollinators do for us? Scientists estimate that one out of every three bites of food we eat are made... Read more »

Is your lawn stressed?

Date posted: June 16, 2020

Reduce your lawn stress with proper care, check our latest post to help you. Looks like temps are heating up again. Your lawn might start to look brown or stressed, but resist the urge to simply water more. There are good reasons NOT to turn up the water until you check what’s going on with... Read more »

Pretty perennials are easy and reliable

Date posted: June 8, 2020

In this post, let’s discuss the benefits of water-wise perennials. Last week we talked about colorful, low-water annuals for your containers. Now let’s discuss the benefits of water-wise perennials. They are low-maintenance, need little water, and, if properly established, won’t need to be replaced each season. Water-wise perennials need more water during their first growing... Read more »


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