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Pollinator Waterers and Shelters

Date posted: June 27, 2022

  Pollinators need sources of water for many purposes, including drinking. Butterflies, for example, will gather and sip at shallow pools, mud puddles or even birdbaths. You can easily create one of these water sources in your landscapes. Why it is important to provide water for beneficial insects. Pollinators need sources of water for many... Read more »

Fireproof your landscape

Date posted: June 20, 2022

Homeowners need to know how landscaping can help protect their homes. Planting and maintaining a “defensible space” of landscape is more difficult to ignite, can offer significant fire protection. Steps to become more fire wise with your landscapes: Avoid placing plants to close together. Spacing plants apart from one another keeps fire from traveling between... Read more »

Give your sprinkler system a tune-up

Date posted: June 14, 2022

  Much like any appliance in your home, sprinkler systems need a tune-up. Efficient tune ups may include: Running each sprinkler zone and looking for broken heads or dirty nozzles where the spray does not look consistent.  Make sure that nozzles are not mis-aligned and spraying rocks or concrete instead of the lawn. Straighten any... Read more »

Use a drip system to water the plants in your landscape

Date posted: June 6, 2022

Why use drip irrigation? Drip irrigation systems save water by controlling a slow drip to the roots of the plants. Pipes can be either above surface or buried below the soil to target the root zone and minimize evaporation. When partnered with smart irrigation technologies, drip irrigation helps maximize water resources more efficiently. Keep in... Read more »

It is planting season – plant “smart” trees

Date posted: May 30, 2022

The ground is warm, we shouldn’t have any more freezes (fingers crossed), sprinkler systems are turned on and nurseries are getting truck deliveries of new plants daily. Now is a great time to visit your local nursery or garden center and check out some of springs best “smart” plants. Local nurseries and garden centers do... Read more »

Plants for Mom – Mother’s Day living gifts

Date posted: May 8, 2022

A living gift is a great idea for Mother’s Day. Whether she lives in an apartment or in a house with a big yard, there is a plant for every mom. Hanging baskets can brighten up a porch, balcony, or sunny window. Many garden centers offer a variety of sizes and color combinations. They can... Read more »

Invite beneficial bugs to your yard

Date posted: May 6, 2022

There are those of us who don’t relish contact with insects and worms while working in the yard, but many of them are actually quite beneficial. For instance: Ladybugs and lacewings prey upon damaging aphids and whiteflies. Ground beetles eat caterpillars and Colorado potato beetles, so they may serve an important function in your garden.... Read more »

Need spring color now? Plant some pansies

Date posted: April 21, 2022

After recent snows gave them a dose of moisture, and with temperatures heating up along the Front Range, some early spring bulbs are hinting at the color to come. Crocuses, hyacinths and even some daffodils and tulips are showing their faces. The warm days might inspire you to add some color to your landscape. However,... Read more »

Dealing with wind damage

Date posted: April 14, 2022

This week has certainly been a windy one! The part of your landscape that can take the most wind damage is also one of the most important—your trees. They provide shade and keep buildings cool. They clean the air of toxins, and they produce much of the oxygen that we breathe. So what are the... Read more »

Too soon to plant perennials?

Date posted: March 23, 2022

It’s all too easy to go into a warehouse or hardware store right now, see a bare root perennial display and find yourself walking out with Echinacea, daisies and others in anticipation of spring. These kind of perennials do grow well in Colorado, but is it too early to plant them now?  Unfortunately for all of... Read more »


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