Many people live where they don’t have space for a garden. A container garden is the perfect solution for all ages and all abilities. Almost anything can be grown in a container, except a large tree.

One of the most manageable containers is a hanging basket. There are so many available, you can purchase one already done, or you can customize it and put it together yourself. You can even grow vegetables like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, or strawberries in a hanging basket.

Someone with limited space can have beauty and function with a mixed container of veggies and flowers. Containers can have vertical elements like tomatoes, pole beans, and vines like Clematis or morning glory. The center can also be something bushy like a pepper plant.

You can have carrots or lettuce around the vertical element and a cucumber, tiny pumpkin,
or trailing flowers like verbena, or calibrachoa, or make it all edible with edible flowers like nasturtium.

How to create a quick combo planter perfect for right outside the door.

  1.     Choose the container and make sure it has proper drainage.
  2.     Fill the container with good potting soil
  3.     Choose plants that have compatible growing needs – Sun vs. shade, more water or less, etc.
  4.     Put plants in – thriller, spiller, chiller – can be centered or tall in back, short in front.
  5.     Water well
  6.     Mulch
  7.     Fertilize a couple of weeks later.

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Source: in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado