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Bindweed might look like a miniature version of morning glory, but it is a nuisance that seems like it can take over a garden almost overnight. It is very difficult to control once established in your landscape.

Colorado Department of Agriculture has categorized bindweed as a noxious weed. Luckily, the department offers a tool to help you fight it.

Request a bug

  • Through the “Request-A-Bug” program, homeowners may purchase a biological pest control to deal with bindweed in their veggie gardens and yards. The Insectary imports, rears, establishes and colonizes beneficial organisms to control specific plant and insect problems such as bindweed. There are other biocontrols available for Canada thistle, Russian knapweed, and other noxious weeds.
  • For bindweed, the control is a microscopic mite that preys on bindweed without disturbing other plants. Supplies are limited and vary year to year. Consequently, the Insectary may not be able to provide mites for every request per season. If you had bindweed last season, it’s best to get on their waitlist now.

How it works

  • When the mites are ready, you’ll be contacted for payment and confirm that you can receive the overnight shipment. The package includes pieces of bindweed with mites on them and instructions for how to release them.
  • The advantages of biological controls include lessening or eliminating the use of pesticides and the establishment of useful populations of predatory insects. As with other treatments, more than one control might be required.

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Source: in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado