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Dec 12, 2022

You all are the best

- Susan

Nov 11, 2022

They are doing a good job getting everything under control.

- Janet

Nov 8, 2022

Great service with great staff.

- Ken

Nov 14, 2022

All good

- Janet

Nov 8, 2022

BestYard have done our fall leaf clean up for a few years now and we really appreciate this service!! We have a dozen trees in our small backyard so over the years we have more and more leaves as we get older. BestYard are good at communication and getting the job done!

- Margeret

Nov 2, 2022

It was quick and our lawn looks great!

- Paul

Nov 8, 2022

Wonderful job, team. The fall yard cleanup was perfect and the house looks great again!

- Trent

Oct 27, 2022

Excellent service!

- Tonyetta

Oct 26, 2022

Thanks Weed Man for aerating our lawn! The guys were fast, friendly, respectful of directions and most of all, did a great job of taking care of readying our lawn for winter and into the spring. Thanks so much for texting the day before to remind us of appointment!

- Ryan and Roxanne

Oct 25, 2022

Excellent customer service!!

- Lisa

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Posts Tagged: Water Saving

5 Tips to Create and Maintain a Beautiful Yard

A beautiful garden or a lush green lawn enhances the visual appeal of the property. It provides you a space in the lap of nature, where you can de-stress and spends quality time with your family and friends.

Maintaining a great-looking lawn requires dedicated efforts, regular care and troubleshooting problems in an expert way as they arise.

Here are five secrets of irrigation and sprinkler system that will help you maintain your yard in the best way possible.

  1. Water Your Lawn Properly: A beautiful lawn requires periodic watering. When it comes to watering your lawn, you should consider the right time of the day, the proper amount of water and frequency of watering. Considering the weather conditions, you should water your lawn in the early morning and fewer times to a depth of 4-6 inches for the development of a healthy root system.

  2. Learn How to Tune Up Your Manual or Automatic Sprinkler System: An efficiently designed and well-tuned sprinkler system saves 30-50% of water. You need to check your sprinkler system and ensure that there are no crooked or clogged heads, broken lines, leaks, and proper coverage by your heads.

  3. Get Sprinkler Shut-Down and Winterization Service from Expert: Shutting down your irrigation system by the first week of November and preparing it for winter months (Winterization) to prevent freeze damage would require availing services of an expert and licensed technician.

  4. Upgrade Your Old Sprinkler with a Smart Controller: If you are using a conventional in-ground sprinkler system with the existing controller then it is high time to replace the timer with the new, smart controller. This will set the watering time as per the weather conditions and details about your yard. This will save a considerable amount of money on your watering bill.

  5. Use Moisture Manager to Reduce Your Watering Bill to Half: BestYard’s new water-saving technology Moisture Manager can help you reduce your water bill up to 50 per cent, prevents diseases and help maintain a healthy lawn. The moisture manager is actually using patented tiny granules of a wetting agent that attract water molecules out of the air and surface areas and deliver moisture to your lawn’s root system for 3 months.

Moisture Manager

BestYard is one of the most reputed and award-winning lawn and garden maintenance, landscaping company that has provided comprehensive support and services to its clients related to maintaining a beautiful lawn or garden. You can feel free to contact the expert by calling on 720-851-7550, or sending an email at

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Use Smart Irrigation To Beat The Heat

For the 6th consecutive year, Governor Hickenlooper has declared July as Smart Irrigation Month in Colorado. This is a timely designation for our hottest month of the year – and especially so this year when soaring temps are breaking records.

Here are compelling nation-wide stats about water use and how you can save water while keeping plants healthy through smart irrigation practices:

Use smart irrigation to beat the heat
Infographic courtesy Irrigation Association

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Pretty Plants That Don’t Guzzle Water

lantana flower

In Colorado, we love our landscapes and we are spending more time outdoors where we can enjoy them. With so much of our state in drought conditions and under water restrictions, we are reminded we need to look for plants that are easy to grow, can handle summer heat – and don’t need a lot of water.

If you are looking for more water-wise ideas for what to plant this year, here are some plants you might want to bring home to your yard.

Annuals for patios and porches

Our porches and patios don’t seem complete without a container or two of annual flowers. Group plants in a few large containers rather than many small ones. The bigger the container, the bigger the soil volume and that means you won’t need to water as often.

Place a large saucer under the container. It will not only protect wood decks from water damage, but collect water that runs through the container to be absorbed by the plant later.

Next, slow down evaporation by adding mulch to containers just as you would in bed areas. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture longer, meaning you need to water less often.

Top suggestions for low-water annuals include:

Lantana (pictured), Portulaca (moss rose), low water varieties of Verbena and our standby seasonal flower, Petunia. All offer instant impact in a wide variety of colors. Annuals need a week or two with a little more water to get established, and thereafter, only about ½ to ¾ inch of water per week based on the weather.


Perennials groupsWater-wise perennials need more water during their first growing season to become established, but in following growing seasons require much less water. All the hardy, low-water plants listed below offer color and interest in the landscape and have low water needs once established.


  • Oenothera Silver Blade – Evening primrose
  • Sedum Blue Spruce
  • Berlandiera Chocolate Flower
  • Gaillardian Goblin – Blanket flower
  • Salvia Blue Bill – Meadow sage
  • May Night Meadow Sage
  • Wild Thing Rose
  • Perovskia Blue Steel

If you’re not familiar with these varieties, take the list to the garden center or do a quick Google search by name to see photos and learn more about each plant.

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Take Care of Thirsty Plants

Watering plants periodically during winter and spring is essential to save them from root loss, wilted leaves and other effects of winter drought stress. This blog highlights the importance of watering plants and provides an important guideline for readers as to hire a gardener or a landscape pro to do the watering and take care of plants if they find it difficult to do so.

Take care of thirsty plants

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6 Secrets to a Lush, Green Lawn!

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